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The Best 120km Of Trail Running I’ve Ever Had: Rota Vicentina, Portugal

Over the course of 3 days, I ran along the most beautiful trails I have ever experienced

Myself and a videographer friend, James Hustler, headed to the south west Portuguese coast to hit some trails. We discovered the Rota Vicentina offers some of the most beautiful routes we have ever had the opportunity run.

Over the 3 days, I ran 120km along these phenomenal trails, travelling down from Porto Covo to Cabo de St Vicentina. James (travelling by car!) documented the trip using his drone, gimbals and cameras, and captured  some breathtaking images.

We will be putting together a proper short movie edit over the coming weeks, but I wanted to share a little preview with you in the meantime:

The following is a small selection of stills we captured from the awesome video footage James captured over the 3 days .. enjoy ..!








Photo 05-04-2017, 17 02 27


Photo 06-04-2017, 08 30 56



Photo 06-04-2017, 13 44 39



We ran sections along the Rota Vicentina  which has over 450km of trails on offer

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