My Current Ultra Running Trainer: Saucony Peregrine 7

I have been testing out the new Saucony Peregrine 7 trainers over the last couple of weeks, running over 200km of trails in them, including 120km in Tenerife on some very technical terrain. I’m training for the 280km Trans Atlas Marathon and looking to select the best suited trail running shoe for the demands of this ultra, and one which works for my running style and foot shape. The Peregrine 7 is in the mix for use on this gruelling ultra marathon. Here is my review:

Photo 24-04-2017, 19 15 52
A 20km run straight out of the box on technical trails in Tenerife


I was torn between two Saucony’s two premier trail running shoes; the Xodus ISO and the Peregrine 7. Ultimately I decided to opt for what I believed to be the sightly more agile and lighter weight model being the Peregrine 7’s; weighing around 26grams less than the Xodus (which come in at 10.3oz, 292grams) and perhaps just a little less bulky.

Photo 08-05-2017, 13 33 51

Saucony Peregrine 7 Quick Facts:

Photo 08-05-2017, 13 32 24

Size, Fit & Comfort

I  wore the trainers straight out of the box for a decent length run and hit 20km and +/-1,200m of trails in Tenerife. After the second day of intense running in them (20km with +/-2,000m), I had a slight hotspot on the heel of my left foot as, under closer inspection, the plastic heel cup at the back (there to protect your heel) on the inside of the trainer is ever so slightly prominent. But my foot soon got used to this and it wasn’t a problem after another day of running, and given the technical and ascents/descents I had been hitting, I think this is pretty decent.

Photo 26-04-2017, 14 41 38
The trainers 3 days in and the challenging terrain making the ascent of Mt. Teide (3,700m) in Tenerife.

I wear the Peregrine 7 in a UK size 10.5. For your reference I am a UK 11 in New Balance, Inov8, Adidas, Hoka, so a half size down from my usual size in Saucony. So if you’re thinking of ordering this online, perhaps factor into your decision.


I find this trainer very balanced to run in. I was recently bought a pair of Hoka Challenger III ATR, but have stopped using them and found the stack height of this trainer too much and actually rolled over on my foot quite badly and it’s been causing me problems ever since. By contrast, on making the switch to the Peregrines, I immediately felt more solid, comfortable and planted on the ground and I didn’t feel there was nearly the same danger of rolling over on uneven ground.

Photo 08-05-2017, 13 33 09

The trainers have great traction on the ground. When I was running in Tenerife, I did a run of 30km with 3,400m of ascent/descent (very steep in places) on very rocky/loose gravel tracks, plus it was raining and wet under foot. But I didn’t slip once, so the PWRTRAC (no idea what that stands for!!) that they are made of, worked really well under these testing conditions. The grips on the soles seem to be very effective and a good design, so it’s a tick on this front too.

The upper part of the shoe is comprised of mesh combined with more supportive and structural TPU strips (again, no idea what that stands for!!). But the combination works well and it has good durability thus far. Although after the 200km+ I have run in them so far, there is some signs of wear now (see pictures) and I hope the can last another 280km on the Trans Atlas Ultra ..!

The lacing system is really good – provides even distribution of tightness and support around the shoe.

Photo 08-05-2017, 13 33 19


I have really enjoyed using this trainer, it’s a great no nonsense trainer. Never having used any of Saucony’s trainers before, I did wonder how I would get on broadly speaking with the brand’s fit and sizing, but my feet fit and work well in this shoe.

For me, the key with picking a trainer I am happy with is one which I don’t really notice; it must be comfortable and feel natural and uninhibited when running in it, with minimal or no blisters/hotspots of course. When running in these, I don’t really notice them, and as far as my quite imperfect science of selecting a pair of trainers goes, I will continue wearing these and be using them as my selection for the 6 day 280km Trans Atlas Marathon.

These Peregrine 7s fit the bill.

I tested the trainers whilst altitude training in Tenerife running 130km with 11,000m of ascent and descent. Read my article on my training here.

Saucony Peregrine 7 cost £105 from the Saucony website

One response to “My Current Ultra Running Trainer: Saucony Peregrine 7”

  1. Out of interest, what have you switched to now the new Peregrine 8 has no rock plate? I’ve loved the previous versions as I agree the grip is fantastic on technical terrain even wet rock but the new version means no protection underfoot and the highly flexible sole caused me foot pain after 4 miles. Are the Leadvilles the next best thing as I now need a new ultra shoe 🙂


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