Interview With Supercar Vlogger Mr JWW

James, aka Mr JWW, is a good mate of mine, and in the last year and a half he has established himself as one of the world’s foremost and popular super car Youtube vloggers. He is a legend and absolutely smashing it!!

As soon as you see one of his videos, you will see just why he has become such a success – he is passionate, genuine, engaging, real and cool, and people gravitate to him and enjoy watching his weekly exploits from epic trips around the world!!

Recently, James dropped by, and we went for a spin around Chelsea in his sweet Porsche GT3. We talked about rowing the Atlantic Ocean, running across the Wadi Rum desert, life and cars, and the pleasure was all mine.

James really is a legend, and keep your eye on him as he’s going places ..!!

Check out Mr JWW’s channels:

Mr JWW Youtube

Mr JWW Instagram

Mr JWW Facebook

Mr JWW Twitter 

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