Snow Peak Takibi fire and grill, £343
Snow Peak Takibi fire and grill, £343

Snow Peak Takibi fire & grill Another offering from the high-end Japanese outdoor apparel and gear brand, this is one of the best collapsible fire pits out there. Packing down into a small canvas storage bag that you can throw over your shoulder, it’s made from chrome-coated steel that means it’s very long lasting. The air holes ensure a good draw for optimum burning, and a base plate collects any embers preventing damage to the ground. With the grill attachment placed on the top, you’re all set for a perfect alfresco BBQ. £343,

Snow Peak bamboo Take! chair, £181

Snow Peak Take! chair A far cry from many modern iterations of the foldable chair, this one reintroduces some elegance with traditional materials (bamboo and washable canvas), while putting aluminium to good use to give it sound structural performance. It’s not ultra-lightweight at 3kg, but the body-hugging chair collapses in seconds to a compact size. £181,

Helinox large Table One Hardtop table, £129.95

Helinox Table One Hardtop table Helinox specialises in lightweight, foldable outdoor gear. This versatile table, with a 60cm x 40cm surface, collapses down into a tiny package thanks to ingenious design and exceptionally strong alloy poles. It has a capacity of 50kg and offers a stable platform for a lunch or fishing gear, yet weighs less than a kilo. £129.95,