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Nothing quite beats summer running; clear blue skies, warm temperatures, long days, and hedgerows abundant with wildlife and flowers. The psychological benefits of running are even more heightened when the weather and our surroundings make us feel so good.

But when the mercury starts edging higher, it’s important not to get too hot-headed and to hit the trails without some preparations – this is essential, not only from a performance perspective, but also for the sheer enjoyment of the activity.

Sports nutritionist Liam Holmes tells The Independent: “Just a five per cent drop in hydration can result in a 20 per cent drop in performance”, particularly hitting home the point. Therefore, it is well worth considering the following suggestions before putting on your trainers and heading out for your summer run.

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10 Best cycling shorts for men, The Evening Standard

Cycling shorts are skin-tight, and intended to improve comfort and efficiency. The natural evolution of this is the ‘bib’ short. These are cut higher than a traditional cycling short ensuring there is no gap between your jersey and shorts, and they also feature integral suspenders/straps to keep them in place (rather than an elasticated waistband, which can be uncomfortable).

Cycling shorts have a whole host of features to make riding more enjoyable. They will be fitted with a chamois – a padded section offering comfort for your bum – and can have moisture wicking properties, offer compression, have SPF, improved aerodynamics, protection from road rash, waterproof, windproof, storage etc etc.

We have compiled the latest and best bib cycling shorts available on the market, from £50 right through to £235.

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10 best running nutrition products, The Independent

If you’re running for over an hour, refuelling during your event is a necessity. “Our bodies can only store a certain amount of glycogen,” says sports nutritionist Liam Holmes. “You will need to provide this fuel in order to maximise your performance.”  Enter the world of energy drinks, gels, chews, bars and snacks, all sources of carbohydrate. Used in the right way, these will replenish your body and power you to the finish line ensuring you don’t hit the dreaded “wall”.

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10 Best budget road bikes

If you’re looking to enjoy the open road on a bike that isn’t going to break the bank, there are plenty of great options for under £1,000 out there that will give you a very good ride.

When deciding which bike is best for you, first up and most importantly, carefully consider what material the frame and forks are made from – carbon, aluminum and steel will be your options and generally speaking this order is the most preferable too.

Next, look at the gears – for a budget bike the best you’re likely to get is the ever reliable Shimano 105 (or equivalent) – but this isn’t the be all and end all. Of course also important to consider are brakes, wheels, seatpost, tyres, saddle –  you’ll no doubt know what features mean most to you.

We have selected a range of road bikes to fit most budget options, riding styles, and a variety of occasions.

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10 Best Ski Jackets For Men, The Evening Standard

With the ski season upon us once again, it’s time to assess your equipment and decide whether to make an overhaul.

The jacket is of course a key component and will help ensure you enjoy valuable time on the mountains to the max. We’ve picked out the best selection of jackets for every style of skiing – from the more insulated and cosy if you prefer to stay on piste and in resort, right through to the more minimalist and lightweight shell jackets ideal for touring and backcountry days.

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10 Best Knitwear Pieces For Men, The Evening Standard

In a world of innovative and highly technical fabrics, one shouldn’t disregard the humble knitwear sweater – it’s just as relevant today as it has been for the thousands of years we’ve been wearing it. If you’re looking to gear up for the colder weather ahead, a knitwear sweater – environmentally friendly, warm, hardwearing, and of course very easy on the eye – is a must have item.

Fergus Scholes gives us this season’s top 12 sweaters.

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10 Best Insulated Jackets For Men, The Evening Standard

Cold weather calls for reinforcements – hunker down in a jacket prepped to keep you warm. We’ve reviewed and tested 14 of the best down and synthetic insulated jackets available on the market today. In the mix, we have a full cross section of options; from highly sporty and technical jackets designed for back country skiing and mountaineering, right through to those intended for casual lifestyle use for a walk to your local pub.

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